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Why your child’s athletic career could be over before it starts – the 3 critical mistakes most parents make.

Parents want the best for their children, but sometimes they do not realize that the wrong approach to performance (in ANY domain) can actually diminish their child’s chance of success. This course gives parents the actionable strategies they need to avoid the three major mistakes parents often make when helping their child succeed in any performance domain. By watching this webinar, parents can get the guidance they need to unlock their child's success to reach their potential. 
Even if your child is not an athlete, these principles will apply. Whether they are trying to ace an exam, play an instrument, give a speech, perform on stage, etc., if you reinforce the wrong things, you could be setting your child up for failure! 

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Get more insider tips on how to help your child build mental toughness with this mini-course. This course will help you learn a step by step process to help your child build Mental Toughness using the Discover, Build, Apply Method.  This method helps kids discover the barrier that is blocking performance, enables them to build a tool to overcome the barrier and understand how to apply the tool in real life. 

Get access to the Character Report Card.  Often parents and coaches don't know what to focus on when developing their child's character to be successful in sport and life.  This Report Card focuses on the key traits that research shows leads to success. These traits are broken down into easy to observe behaviors for you to assess your child.  This is a great tool for coaches and parents who aren't sure what to give feedback on.   

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